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Maybe there’s something you’re afraid to say, or somewhere you’re afraid to go, or someone you’re afraid to love.


I want to shed you from my life,
peel you away from me
like a hangnail.
I am ashamed of you
in the same way that I pull
my sleeves down
to hide my self inflicted scars.
it’s like my skin knows that she
has your dna woven and i mean

other little kids grew up
knowing what normal tastes like
but the inside of my house was always
a gateway to hell and
i spent more nights with my head under the covers
pretending i couldn’t hear the arguments
than nights where i slept easy

and maybe it’s been a long time
since i was a weak-kneed little thing
but god i never outgrew the voices
and somewhere along you fucked me up
more than anyone else ever did

everyone always snickers a bit when
they found out that the inside of my skin
is completely poisoned
because i’m so young there’s no way
i could know what it was like to want
to die and aren’t i blessed because
i got a roof over my head and square meals and
a phone and a laptop and a bed

but i don’t think i ever had
a good

And that’s all I ever wanted: a collaboration between Aria and myself.  (via inkskinned)



Stiles & Derek in 4x11 “A Promise to the Dead”

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friend: hey wanna join me and my boyfriend to this awesome party?

me at the party: 




Liam talking about Sophia in the Cosmopolitan interview (x)

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There are OTPs I’d go to hell for.

And OTPs I’m going to hell for

“We like our shows to be a big party vibe y’know? We want it to be an amazing experience. We want a show that fans can get involved in.”

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Chicago, IL. August 29, 2014

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